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High quality — service gaming facilities in World of Tanks, created by tankers for tankers. 

Provide a range of services for the boosting and lifting statistics in tanks and boosting experience WoT, WoT farm experience, farm silver WoT, WoT performance personal missions on Ob. 260, T 55A, T28 Concept, Stug IV, marks on the trunks WoT, raising WoT statistics, platoon with “pros”, pumping WoT branches, shooting down” stars”, a sign of class” master”, a trial order, and others. 

The project is designed for busy people who do not have enough time to pump your account, people who want to play on a variety of top-end technology, but for any reason reach can not. 

We have been working since September 2017 and even a single case of fraud can greatly affect our reputation. It is advantageous for us to make deals honestly: a satisfied customer will contact us again and recommend our site to friends. 

Have many guarantees, so same reputation and reviews on various game shows forums, reviews on site. We do not cheat, we value our reputation. As corny as it sounds. It is profitable for us to work steadily and constantly, receiving regular profits, and not to deceive one-time. 

Guarantees Can be found in the relevant section on the website. 

Premium account-saves time; — saves nerves