F.A.Q. Frequently asked Questions

1 How does it exactly work?

First step is to add your desired package to the cart. You will need to provide your account details, necessary tanks, and server for us to be able to serve you. After adding your service to the cart, get to the checkout and confirm payment via PayPal or any other payment service. After making payment, we will start working on your order within 1-2 hours, and complete in the estimated delivery timeframe. Sometimes it can be longer than expected due to various factors, like downtimes, network outages and other reasons.
Under the process we do not recommend logging in, because you will face issues with missing credits, experience and whatsoever, so just safely stay logged out, and wait for our confirmation as soon as it’s completed. Service pauses are accepted after 48 hours of service, in case of need, but you have to contact us for the request!

2 Is it legal? Are you fake? Scam?

Our services are 100% legal worldwide, so Overtank services are not fake or scam at all. By using our service, you are not breaking the law. However the game company might prohibit account sharing in some countries or areas, so this is your sole responsibility to read and accept the Terms of Service of the game company. If you like the game, support the game as well buy purchasing premium tanks, premium account and gold to use together with our boosting services.

3 Why is my booster offline for more than 24 hours? Why don’t you play?

This is actually not a frequently asked questions, however we receive numerous Q’s about why we are offline, why not playing, why didn’t we make enough money in the last 24 hours. 

Our boosters or players are humans, we are real people and take breaks sometimes. If we are working on a bigger order, it’s possible that the order is on a couple days break (e.g: server down, network issues, power-cut, other type of overloads).

So the best is to wait until we complete the order within the estimated delivery timeframe. If your order wouldn’t be completed in this timeframe, you are welcome to ask us on live chat or via email about the status.

In case of unexpected longer delays we usually compensate the inconveniences for the time it took. Special cases if we are not completing the order in an acceptable timeframe, we’ll refund the order in full.

4 How long does your delivery take?

All of the services have different delivery time. Their estimated delivery time is written in each of their description. In most cases that item is completed within that time frame, minimal difference may apply.

5 I ordered a service, how will you boost?

All of our services are done manually, we don’t use bots or any 3rd party utilities during its process. As you may have noticed we are giving free experience for this service because your tank will complete battles that reward free XP alongwith the standard experience. When you place an order for this service fill the required information fields about your account. For the login we need your game login e-mail address, password, and your desired tanks for the experience farming. If you want to know the current status of your leveling please contact us via LiveHelp or e-mail.

6 How can I ensure that my equipment won’t be changed or lost?

We are paying attention to your items that are already on your tanks.

7 Is there any way to ask for a break during the service?

If your service take more than 2 days, then we can pause your order in case of request. If the service would only take a few hours in total, we better finish without any break or scheduled interruption. Please make sure you don’t want to play, while your short-term service is ongoing.

8 For what tanks and what tiers can you do the services?

Any, TD, Light, Medium and Heavy tanks except SPGs. For SPGs contact us first, we have upgraded by the time. Tier restrictions may vary by our services. Check descriptions!

9 I have premium tanks or premium account, will it be faster?

Yes, if you have premium vehicles, or at least 24 hours of premium account, the timeframe should be significantly shorter, than the average.

10 How much money will the account be left with?

We will not spend any of your gold. During our Tier boost we always aim to grind the required credits for your next tank, however if we have enough XP farmed for the next Tier we try to buy the next one, if we have enought credits on the account.

11 Will the player keep using the same crew and just keep moving it into the new tank?

If you ask, we will move the crew to the next tank, otherwise we buy a 75% Crew to the new tank (it will be ugraded during farming).

12 Will any of my tanks be sold to get the Tier 10? (E.g. I need a Tier 9 for platooning but don’t need the Tier 8)

We will sell the previous tanks in the line unless you tell us which one(s) you want to keep.

13 Can I check how my account is going at any point?

If you want to inspect the current standing, please always contact us first, and we pause the order for that time. This is to prevent the issues, if our player is currently playing on your account.

14 Will my password be changed?

No. We never change your password with any reason.

15 While the tank is in battle (and the Player is not) what will they do? Can they work on other lines or just grind for money?

Mainly while the Tier boost tank is in battle, our player choose another tank for credit grinding and play with that tank until the main tank will be playable again.

16 Will the grinder need a premium account or any gold?

We don’t use any of your gold until you let us use for special cases. A premium account is very recommended during the service, because it shortens the service time a lot!

17 Once the Tier 10 is obtained, could you please get a gun mark for it?

When we end your Tier 10 boost, we will leave your tank with stock equipment. If you need anything for it, please contact us.

18 Will the Tier 10 be fitted with the correct equipment?

As mentioned above, we leave your final tank with stock modules. If you need additional equipments for it, let us know.

19 Will there be a well trained crew carried up from the starting tank?

If you ask, then we will use your crew till Tier 10.

20 Will my win rate be boosted up from what it is now?

There are two types of options you can choose from. Standard grinding: which means your service will be grinded with weaker players at a cheap price but, we cannot guarantee any WN8 (typically below 1000) or WR. Professional playing: means your service is played by a Unicum player, who aim to make the highest WN8 and winrate possible (basically 3000+ WN8 and 55%+ Winrate), usually on a higher price. This is a selectable option for each product.

21 I don’t have any account of your listed payment methods, how should I pay?

You should send us an email or come to live chat with the method you are looking to use.

22 My account has been hacked, what can I do?

Do not worry at all. You can be 100% sure that our team never try to change any detail on your account, so the best you can do is to request a new password or contact the game author company.

The reason for account hack can be related to malwares on your PC, keylogger, or any other fraudulent software ran on your machine.

Any other questions, please contact us!

23 Can I play other games during the boost on my account?

No. Unfortunately everything will interrupt our booster’s session.