Our warranties

Optimal market relations are possible only in case of complete customer satisfaction. This rule is followed by our service in working with people without exception. Having once tested our conditions, you are guaranteed not to want to stop working. For us, reputation among customers is the most important factor, and therefore on the site there are special conditions for returning money. The client can request them in case of:

    If the conditions of fulfillment did not satisfy his requests;
    When changing the desire to use the help of our professionals;
    Inconsistency of conditions or erroneous payment for the specified details;
    If the specified result is not achieved by coincidence.

For refunds, contact the consultant on the website or at the MAIL address. Customer convenience comes first in collaboration. That is why we always insist on the need to change the password before placing an order and after it, as well as linking your account to your personal phone. Our employees do not request personal data necessary to restore access to your account. They must remain secret.
Protection and professionalism

We guarantee that after using our services there will be no problems with the account. Before working in this service sector, we formed a clear scheme for protecting customer accounts.

All actions to achieve the result from the order are performed by professional players. Each of them has experience in WoT. This at the same time is the key to the fastest possible implementation of the agreement. Our service avoids the use of bots and similar programs.

We thoroughly studied the internal rules of the game. Prohibited bugs, modifications and any other tricks are excluded in the provision of services.

Additional factors include VPN connection and SSL encryption. This is a reliable protection of personal data.
Live Communication

Many services providing services in the gaming industry market avoid communication with customers. Our choice is different, because the opinion of the person who has applied for help is the main factor for the work of resource employees.

The administration is open to any offers. To do this, you can go to the contacts section and contact in any way possible. Consultants work 365 days a year, as do employees. Contact them at a convenient time.

If the user has made an order, then the consultant contacts him on the left contacts within the next couple of hours while the information is being processed. The client can leave contacts on Skype, TeamSpeak, Viber or any other feedback method. After completing the order, we ask you to leave a review. The opinion of people is very important to us, because it helps to improve the service.
Important information

Personal data transmitted to employees is never used for third-party operations. This also applies to email addresses. The occurrence of spam, advertising mailings and the like is excluded.

All service employees are tested by long-term work and are part of a friendly team. The information in the site database is intended only for internal work. The customer is provided with complete anonymity, so comfortable cooperation is maintained.

An important aspect is the automatic transfer of funds through the payment gateway PAYMENT SYSTEM. No direct transfers to wallets. Your payment is fully protected. The work of the resource is fully open, and the scheme of cooperation with visitors will satisfy both parties.

We are confident in the quality of our services, and therefore we invite everyone to experience it.